Incorporating Oregon’s community, small business and environmental values, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s State Radio Project has four primary goals:

  • Infrastructure
    Repair or replace critical components of Oregon’s deteriorating state radio network and extend the useful life of the existing Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State Police wireless communications systems.
  • Narrowbanding
    Comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s deadline to transition state radios from wideband to narrowband transmission by Jan. 1, 2013, and position for future narrowbanding requirements.
  • Consolidation
    Consolidate the ODOT and OSP wireless communications systems into a single unit and allow for shared efficiencies and integration between the four existing state systems.
  • Interoperability
    Provide limited, local interoperability for public safety agencies and lay the foundation for expanded and improved interoperability in the future.

For more detailed information about the State Radio Project, visit the official project website at